What do Pollution, Poverty, Smoking and Bullying Have in Common?

These are world problems that Stowe 5th Graders researched and presented on for their International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Program Exhibition.  With the guidance of adult mentors from Stowe faculty/staff and community adults, students honed their research and presentation skills to teach visitors about these global problems and possible solutions.000F5071 DF2F 46B3 844B D5B752ECF2A1 A037E143 01F9 42A5 A938 2170FB644B08 27D4C570 2C85 4280 ACA4 334C12E80EA8 DC1EA38C EC70 4261 93E8 930137EDB9E0 5AABDF53 38FC 4E53 8B17 0A1247D5BF11 6CA3E3C8 AB3F 4E7F 973C 6D9DEE094175 A485917C 4D6F 487B 923F 1C40574B776D F12FF39D A5F0 45A1 9C1C 6914E0E35D60 9FE46FBF 4FDD 45E0 AF9A 10C9BDC8BA32

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