Fourth Grade Researchers

Fourth Grade has been working on our How the World Works Unit of Inquiry. Our unit’s line of inquiry include animal and plant defense mechanisms, how the structure of plants and animals support growth and survival, and how the environment influences living things. Students have been inquirer’s by asking questions and conducting their own research. They have been using their self-management skills as they collaborate to complete research projects with other students. Our students had the opportunity to choose a plant they would like to learn more about. They researched the plant structure, how the structure helps the plant survive, and the plants defense mechanisms. They did their research individually, brought their ideas to their group, and collaborated to create a poster together. They had to collaborate and work together to complete the poster and make sure all their research was included. This project helped our students learn how to work and collaborate with each other. Our students have loved being inquires and using research skills to learn about plants and animals.


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