SEL Day at Stowe

Friday, March 10th was SEL Day! Students use Social Emotional Learning throughout their day! See some examples below:

We develop friendships and practice our relationship skills at lunch!Thumbnail 7B0ED43820054529B4D08E477B872B00

Calming our bodies and minds before we transition!  #self-managementThumbnail BD027E3A2AFB45CD9C00204DA3FC285B

4th Grade Morning Meeting using self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills!Thumbnail 0A7F34F75E0B4CEC9795D58F99EE6111

Quiet time after lunch helps us regulate our emotions.  #self-awareness  #self-managementThumbnail 045C7783951049BCAA10418642F307CC

A 1st grader using self-awareness and self-management skills!Thumbnail D1A12E0B0ECA4FCDB881A424E474EC12

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