Educational Resources

Students and their families may find these websites useful. These are external websites for educational use. Please be aware that while these are educational websites there may be ads or other links that are not educational. Parental supervision is suggested when viewing these sites.

Des Moines Public Schools makes access to the Internet available for educational purposes. DMPS takes precautions to eliminate inappropriate material; however it impossible for DMPS to restrict access to all inappropriate materials.

If you find that a link no longer works or that a website is no longer useful for Stowe students, please contact Señor McCright by email immediately.


New resources & links:

For FastMath or Stretch, click here.  Students will know their own passwords.  4th graders will be doing the Fraction Nation later in the year.


Link to Stowe Library site:

Peace Corps for kids:

Computer Lab Home Page:

4th graders in Mrs. McClannahan’s class:  Go to, click the chosen list.


At, you can type in almost any word and find its antonym or synonym.


Go to Reading Eggs, find the member’s login on the right side, students know their login and password, READING EGGSPRESS and the students can follow the directions.


Practice your Spanish at Spanish at Stowe and

Math Activities

10 Sources of Educational Science Games

Wonderville Science and Tech Games

Online Games and Hands-on Science

Lawrence Hall of Science activities

Thanks to Mrs. McClannahan!


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