Building Support

Tammy Belger

1st Assistant Custodian

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I have been the 1st Assistant at Stowe for 5 years.

My hope and dream for the students at Stowe is that they become more aware of their surroundings and realize that their daily actions count for something in our world today.

Doug Bown

Strings Instructor

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Alex Bradley

School-based Therapist - Orchard Place

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Education Experience:
BA in Psychology - University of Northern Iowa
BA in Studio Art - University of Northern Iowa
Masters of Social Work - Aurora University

I have worked with adults and children who have mental and physical needs (in different capacities) for 5 years. I specialize in working with children with trauma. I am trained in TF-CBT and utilize evidence based practice with clients. I regularly attend trainings and conferences for mental health (i.e. play therapy, impacts of trauma/TIC, autism, suicide education and prevention, etc.)

I have been with DMPS for 1 year. (all ages)

My hopes and dreams for my students/clients and their families are to work with them through difficult experiences, develop healthy coping skills and relationships, and improve resiliency. I hope that these individuals will be well adjusted and better prepared to reach their own hopes and dreams.

Tom Ritchie


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Vickie Shepherd

Engineer Chief

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I have been the Engineer Chief at Stowe School for 10 years.

My hope and dream for Stowe students is that all their hopes and dreams would be fulfilled by helping to create a better world for themselves and others.

Lindsey Wright

21st Century Coordinator

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