History of Stowe School

Prior to 1909, there was a two-room frame building located at E. 29th and Guthrie known as Sandhill School. In 1910, the name of this school was changed to Harriet Beecher Stowe. One room was added to the building in 1912-1913. During the school year of 1914-1915, there was no Stowe School. It is believed that a fire destroyed the school.

In 1915-1916, a new Stowe School was built at E. 33rd and Cleveland. These two rooms are still a part of the building. The front two rooms on the second and third floors were built in 1917.  Two rooms were added to the back of the first and second floors in 1924-1925.

Sometime between 1925 and 1930, a gymnasium was built. This also served as a cafeteria and auditorium. The back two rooms were added to the third floor in 1943.  A six-room addition was built in the fall of 1952. At that time, the kitchen was enlarged and remodeled. This provided more work room and storage space.  A new office was also provided.

During the fall of 1960, another addition was completed. Four new classrooms were opened and a new central library was started.

During the 2007-2008 school year, Stowe underwent yet another renovation. The school was updated with many 21st century items like wireless internet access for the entire building, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and a new parking lot for staff and visitors. Two additional classrooms were added, as well as a new gymnasium and new office area. Additional lockers were placed on second and third floors for our growing population.