Special Education

Jacque Huber

Special Education Assoicate

P: 515-242-8435 | E: jacquelyn.huber@dmschools.org

Angie Lawrence

Special Education Teacher

P: 515-242-8435 | E: angela.lawrence@dmschools.org


Education Experience:
M.A. in Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment-Jones International University
B.S. in Elementary Education-University of Northern Iowa, with an endorsement in Special Education Strategist I

IB-Making the PYP Happen
Responsive Classroom Overview & Level 1
Cognitively Guided Instruction 1, 2, & 3
Crisis Prevention (CPI)

Teaching Experience:
I have been with the Des Moines Public School District for 5 years.

My hopes and dreams this year are to challenge students to take pride and ownership in their learning as I equip them with skills, resources, and motivation to become independent learners.

Cyndy Nielsen

Special Education Teacher

P: 515-242-8435 | E: cynthia.nielsen@dmschools.org


Education Experience:
B.S. in Elementary Education-Iowa State University
Special Education Certification Strategist I   Wright State University, UNI, Drake
M.S. in Elementary Reading and Literacy-Walden University

Responsive Classroom Introduction, Level I,  Level II
IB Overview of PYP
IB Level I, Making the PYP Happen                                                                                                                                                                CGI Levels 1,2 and 3

Teaching Experience:
I have been with Des Moines Public Schools for 8 years as a K-5 Intervention Specialist.

My hope and dream for my students is that they will be engaging, inquiring learners.  I want my students to be curious about the world and be risk takers to try challenging risks.  I want my students to develop creative, effective ways to communicate with teachers and students at school.  I hope my students will be caring, confident and principled.  I dream that all of my students will want to be lifelong learners and will learn and grow to be contributing members of the community.

Kelly Petersen

Speech-Language Pathologist

P: 515-242-8435 | E: kelly.petersen@dmschools.org


Education Experience:
B.A. in Communicative Disorders-University of Northern Iowa
M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology-University of Northern Iowa

Teaching Experience: 
This is my 3rd year with DMPS and Stowe! I serve two other schools on the east side of Des Moines: Phillips Elementary, and St. Joseph's Catholic School.

My hope and dream this year is that my students become more confident communicators by practicing their speech and language skills in class, at home, and inthe community. I want them to express their thoughts and ideas independently and know that what they say is important. 

Sara Powell

Special Education Associate

P: 515-242-8435 | E: sara.powell@dmschools.org

Kim Smith

Special Education Associate

P: 515-242-8435 | E: kimberly.smith02@dmschools.org

Jody Stewart

Special Education Associate

P: 242-8435 | E: nina.stewart@dmschools.org

RaeLynn Von der Linde

Special Education Teacher

P: 515-242-8435 | E: raelynn.vonderlinde@dmschools.org


Educational Experience:
I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Iowa State University in Elementary Education.  I have an endorsement in Special Education.

I have been trained in Responsive Classroom 1 and 2.  I have taken IB training level I and II.  I have many classes and trainings for behavior and special education including Effective Programming for Students with Autism.  I attended Behavior Camp last summer and am part of the behavior team at Stowe.  I am CPI trained and med certified.

Teaching Experience

  • I have been with Des Moines Public Schools for 13 years
  • I have been a special education teacher for 12 of my 13 years
  • I have taught in a self contained room with integration for 8 of those years.  I also have been a special education interventionist with grades k-2, co-teacher in Kindergarten and a 4th Grade Teacher
  • I was a preschool teacher for 2 years with a private school


My hope and dream for my students this year is for them to gain the skills to reach their full potential in all aspects of their day. Some of them might be included all day or some might be included for one subject, but I would like to teach them the skills to be successful socially and academically. My hope is for them to believe they can and to give them the self-confidence and skills to be successful